Our 10 good reasons to buy German food from us:

  • It's always possible that some goods are damaged during the transportation. We do our best to minimise this risk, but in rare cases we are unable to do something.
    Most of other online markets resend the goods with the next order or refund the outstanding amount during the next 30 days. Not so at German Grocery!
    If you are a registered user you get the amount refunded in credit points and on top some points as a little sorry during 24 hours. All guests get the amount back to the account during 24 hours.
    Where it is possible we replace the damaged or missing good at our next day of dispatch.

  • At German Grocery you get always fresh food with the highest best before date. We don't sale "old" tins or goods we've bought weeks ago.
    Some online markets buy their goods monthly in Germany and send it to the customers as "received just now!".
    We at German Grocery get all our goods every day in the early morning. Sorted and carefully packed by hand for the dispatch on this day so the goods will be with you in the best condition.

  • Fresh goods like our asparagus and some other goods comes daily new in our warehouse. Fresh means fresh, not from yesterday or the day before yesterday.

  • The life often will be expensive.
    We at German Grocery help you to save money: as a registered customer you get credit points at each purchase and you can use these credit points for a purchase of your choice!

  • Get credit points too for some activities: write a review, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter or create an account: get a lot of points for all these and more.

  • You can still be entered into our monthly give away. Get the chance to win your last purchase back at our monthly draw (registered users only).

  • Buy more pay less: save if you buy more! The more you buy the more you save with different discounts depends of the total of your trolley.

  • Benefit from our special offer. Changed every month and always at the best price!

  • Our special offer for selected goods: if you have 2 identical goods in your trolley - buy a third one and get 20%off all three!

  • And like always: the best comes at the end: all orders of £60.00 and more get a special give away in their parcel as a thank you.
    The give away is limited and has a value of at least £6.00 and will changes every month.


Please note:
The winning order number at the monthly draw will be published on the website. The relevant customer will be notified by e-mail and the judges' decision is final.
All benefits are for registered customers only. Due to technical reasons it is impossible to offer the benefits to guest accounts.
Prizes cannot be redeemed for money.
Credit points are valid 365 days since earning.
Due to economical reasons credit points will given for all orders of £20 and above.
All these points are valid until 01/05/2016








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